Why moving to the cloud requires a ‘change of business philosophy’: How to get it right

There's no escaping it: to get ahead today, you need to have a hybrid, multi-cloud environment. Companies have long since noted the benefits of public cloud - and indeed, more than one public cloud for greater efficiency and optimisation. Yet it is not an easy process.

An entire industry, from consulting to monitoring, has grown around this complexity. Alongside this, some smaller IT providers see an opportunity. Comarch argues that when moving to the cloud, many organisations...

Why one IaaS provider is not the same as another: 10 aspects to consider

Saying “yes” to a cloud strategy is the easy part. Eliminating on-premise infrastructure and management overheads in favour of greater agility, efficiency, security, connectivity, cost-savings and more makes a great business case. However, once the strategy is signed off, the hard work begins: how to choose a cloud provider to deliver IaaS that is “just right” for your business? That’s when the huge array of...

Case study: How to quickly build and deliver a cloud-agnostic product

Sponsored Two years ago, Objectivity was asked to help deliver a new digital ecosystem. The client had a significant market share but wasn’t perceived as innovative or digitally-savvy. To counter this, they came up with the initiative to build a software platform which would manage their asset portfolio.

The client’s advantage was that they were close to the assets. They could easily keep them up-to-date in the system, allowing for the development of more advanced end user...

Microsoft to acquire Affirmed Networks to get onto AWS’ wavelength

Microsoft has announced it is to acquire Affirmed Networks, a provider of network functions virtualisation (NFV) software – as the telecoms space heats up for the biggest cloud players. 

As 5G is becoming more of a reality, cloud vendors see their role as enabling telecom operators to deploy and maintain next-generation networks more efficiently.  

“At Microsoft, we intend to empower the telecommunications industry as it...

Keep your foot on the gas: Maintaining momentum after your cloud migration

For a significant number of companies, beginning their cloud migration journey is hard. In spite of the greater scalability, flexibility, optimisation, and lower costs for big data in the cloud, organisations struggle to mobilise their teams to begin their cloud journey. Once they have successfully migrated their workloads to the cloud, however, a lot of organisations think the journey is finished.

Lloyds Banking Group signs up to Google Cloud in five-year partnership

Google Cloud continues to secure the big-ticket clients, with the company announcing that Lloyds Banking Group is set to embark on its ‘cloud transformation’ journey with Google.

The bank is investing a total of £3 billion ($3.9bn) between 2018 and 2020 in wider IT initiatives, and in this five-year deal, Lloyds will deploy various Google Cloud services focused around the...

How SaaS, AI and machine learning are boosting sports broadcasting: A guide

The sports broadcasting industry has a problem. Fan bases are growing, as are viewing figures; but it is becoming harder and far more expensive for sports broadcasters and rights holders to manage, package and distribute their content. Obsolete methods of distribution that require expensive software and hardware packages, sold on fix term licenses, are hindering broadcasters from making back-end efficiencies that can ultimately lead to enhanced fan...

Security versus productivity: Exploring the double-edged sword of the cloud

Adopting cloud technologies has become a common strategy among organisations across all sectors taking the road towards digital transformation. The benefits are evident: businesses that maximise all that the cloud has to offer often see a significant improvement in productivity.

However, the journey is not without its stumbling blocks and organisations that fail to prepare will all too often end up...

Don’t forget to budget for business objectives to gain digital transformation ROI

Digital transformation is hugely important and extremely difficult. No matter what form an organisation’s transformation takes, it’s bound to introduce new and unanticipated challenges and costs even as it leads to positive long-term outcomes.

While increased challenges and costs are a normal part of digital transformation, they can trigger C-suite leaders to recalibrate their thinking of...

Improving application performance in the age of complex infrastructure: A guide

Cloud computing is proliferating throughout every industry vertical and business model across the globe. Gartner is predicting that the worldwide public cloud services market will grow by more than 17% this year alone, and IDC claims manufacturing is leading the way in spending on digital transformation at $221.6 billion, with retailers, transportation firms and professional services also increasing their digital transformation spend.