How data centre products can build synergies with the public cloud

Today’s competitive digital enterprise needs innovative technology to drive organisational agility, resilience, and powerful decision-making. The cloud has risen as a great enabler of modern enterprise.

Once seen merely as a cheap storage location, the cloud has now become central to almost all organisational aspects and transformation endeavours of large and small organisations alike. Almost all organisations are now aware of how they can create better value with the cloud and stay...

The changing face of colocation: Winds of change – and new challenges

Arguably the roots of the ‘colocation’ market can be traced back 20 or more years ago to the original dot com boom era. This created demand from eCommerce businesses and ISPs for a more cost-effective way of the housing of their growing ‘server farms’ and the idea of sharing secure IT spaces with others was born.

These days colocation is maturing - and based on our own experience at Vantage Data Centers - the needs of colocation customers have evolved. The value...

How the hybrid cloud is key to enterprise AI infrastructure strategies

The wheel, steam engine and the internet created revolutionary jumps in the way people work and play. Today, artificial intelligence is reshaping science, business and personal interactions with equal magnitude. In every industry, including agriculture, healthcare, customer service, finance, manufacturing, retail and more, companies are quickly adopting AI to ensure they’re not left behind during this tectonic shift.

AI workloads have unique requirements, including strategic...

Colocation on the edge: Why regional data centres and hybrid cloud can maximise performance

A year or so ago there were over 500 hyperscale data centre in existence worldwide and a further 170 or more in the pipeline, according to Synergy Research. But the explosion in cloud adoption – public and private – is not only driving demand for hyperscale data centres. Fuelled by the IoT and the arrival of 5G, the ongoing decentralisation of the cloud is also contributing hugely to the growing shift towards distributed ‘edge’ computing.

Edge cloud environments are now...

As the global SaaS market surges, who pays for the energy to power it?

Few consumers think about the electricity that powers their applications. But for the enterprise sector, whose reliance on SaaS is growing, this is not something that can be ignored.

That leaves many questions. How is the energy use and cost being priced into the services such as SaaS? Are SaaS providers paying too much for power?

SaaS providers are focused on cost per transaction; meaning this becomes a question for the data centre operator. Should SaaS providers demand...

Public cloud demand accelerates during the pandemic: IDC’s analysis

The global enterprise IT modernisation and migration to SaaS cloud computing platforms has been accelerated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as more CIOs and CTOs adapt to the increased demand for flexible online working models that enable their knowledge worker employees to work from virtually anywhere.

Clearly, IT infrastructure vendors directly benefited from this phenomenon.

Vendor revenue from sales of IT infrastructure products for cloud environments -- including...

Data centre demand in 2020 leads execs to mull power upgrades for 2021

More than half (53%) of data centre professionals are likely to consider power system upgrades going forward - as data centre demand exploded in 2020.

That is the key finding from a new report by ABB Power Conversion. The report, 'Data Overload: Powering Data Centres in the New Normal', was published last week and polled 150 US-based data centre professionals and explored long-term impacts to shape future operations.

96% of data centre professionals surveyed said demand...

Assessing AWS’ softening stance on multi-cloud – with Amazon ECS Anywhere and EKS Anywhere

At the start of AWS re:Invent in December, Andy Jassy gave a marathon three-hour keynote speech covering many product announcements - you can watch the whole presentation if you like. One of the things I found most interesting, however, was what Jassy did not talk about – namely multi-cloud. At the end of his keynote, he discussed new AWS on-premises solutions that can also work in the cloud, but the word “multi-cloud” was never to be heard.

That said, there was a softening...

AWS, Google Cloud, Equinix among Europe climate neutral data centre pact founders

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Equinix are among the founding members of a new initiative to make data centres in Europe climate neutral by 2030.

The Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact, alongside the Self Regulatory Initiative, has been formed by 25 companies and 17 associations in what is described as 'an historic and unprecedented commitment by an industry to proactively lead the transition to a climate neutral economy.'

The move comes one year after the...

Gaia-X ‘like King Canute stopping an incoming tide’ as European clouds struggle, analyst warns

An analyst has warned that efforts from European cloud providers to wrest market share from US-based hyperscalers is 'like King Canute attempting to stop an incoming tide'.

John Dinsdale, a chief analyst at Synergy Research Group, said that initiatives such as Gaia-X, a collaboration between the European Commission (EC), Germany, France, and various organisations within the continent, were 'laudable'.

Yet figures from Synergy show that while, since 2017, the European...