10 charts which will change your perspective of Microsoft Azure’s growth

Microsoft Azure revenue grew 50% year-over-year in fiscal Q2, 2021, contributing to a 26% increase in server products and cloud services revenue According to the latest earnings call, more than 1,000 Microsoft customers now use Azure Arc to simplify hybrid management and run Azure services across on-premises, multi-cloud and at the edge Commercial cloud gross margins increased to 71% in the latest quarter, up from 67% a year earlier There are now more than 60 Azure regions globally,...

Featured: CloudTech’s list of innovative cloud companies to watch in 2021

Featured 2020 was a fascinating year for cloud technologies. The Covid-19 pandemic forced remote working initiatives which accelerated demand for cloud software and infrastructure. 2021 is going to be about taking advantage of the opportunities which have arisen, with multi-cloud and hybrid cloud to the fore.

As Andrew Brown, general manager EMEA for IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software wrote for this publication last month, while 2021's exact playout is unknown, the company "expects...

Google Cloud hit $3.83bn in Q420 revenues – but breaks out the losses for the first time

Google Cloud has posted revenues of $3.83 billion (£2.8bn) for its most recent quarter - but lost more than $5bn for the year as the company met its promise of giving more details.

The figures for Google Cloud represent 6.7% of overall Alphabet revenues, which can be compared with AWS comprising almost a tenth of total Amazon revenues. Revenues saw an uptick of 46.6% year over year, and up 11% on the previous three months.

Yet Google Cloud is nowhere near a profitable...

AWS reports record $12.7bn revenues for Q420 at growth of 28%

Amazon Web Services (AWS) posted record revenues of $12.742 billion (£9.35bn) for its most recent quarter, at an uptick of 28% year over year.

AWS comprised just under a tenth (9.93%) of overall Amazon revenue, which was another record; $125.6bn for Q420. Full year revenues for AWS were at $45.37bn.

The cloud infrastructure market leader broke the $10bn quarterly revenue mark for the fourth time. While AWS revenues in sheer numbers have grown sequentially over the past...

As the global SaaS market surges, who pays for the energy to power it?

Few consumers think about the electricity that powers their applications. But for the enterprise sector, whose reliance on SaaS is growing, this is not something that can be ignored.

That leaves many questions. How is the energy use and cost being priced into the services such as SaaS? Are SaaS providers paying too much for power?

SaaS providers are focused on cost per transaction; meaning this becomes a question for the data centre operator. Should SaaS providers demand...

Microsoft secures $43.1bn Q2 revenues with Azure growth at 50%

Another quarter, another Microsoft cloudy earnings release which knocks it out of the park. The Redmond giant posted total revenue of $43.1 billion (£31.4bn) for the quarter, a year on year increase of 17%, while Azure growth was at 50%.

While specific Azure revenue figures remain elusive, the three primary buckets continued to see growth. Productivity and business processes hit $13.4bn at an increase of 13% year on year; intelligent cloud, which covers the majority of Azure, saw...

Why more CIOs are focusing on digital business acceleration talent

Enterprise CEOs are looking to their most senior technology leaders to deliver competitive digital business transformation projects that enable new revenue growth. Furthermore, they crave business technology champions that are skilled in motivating and developing IT talent for their top priorities.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to transform how CIOs manage, collaborate, and respond to their key stakeholders. 70% of hiring processes for new CIOs rank individual determination and...

2021 predictions from Capgemini: The rise of cloud economics

Research by Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) shows that the cloud has delivered results for over 90% of organisations during the past year, when tackling the challenges that COVID presented.

CIF also points out that over the past few months, digital transformation across a majority of enterprises sped up by 69% – with 91% of decision-makers stating that cloud formed an important part of this transformation, and 40% describing the role of the cloud as crucial.


Alibaba Cloud posts $2.2bn revenues as company says growth is still early

Alibaba Cloud has posted revenues of $2.2 billion (£1.67bn) for its most recent quarter - with group CEO Daniel Zhang saying the cloud business is still in an 'early stage of growth.'

The retail giant's cloud computing arm saw year on year growth of 60%, with the company adding its predominant growth was in customers from the internet, finance and retail industries.

Speaking to analysts following the announcement, Zhang noted the company's previous assertion, on...

From capex to opex: Ensuring the cloud shift optimises costs

The pandemic has thrown many organisations’ three- or five-year IT planning cycles into disarray. The sudden need to switch entire office-based workforces to remote working means that many organisations have had to invest heavily in software and infrastructure as a service to ensure they can keep operating. At the same time, many have faced reduced income as the economy contracts. As a result, switching to a predictable opex-based strategy seems highly attractive.