Sedef Gavaz, Natural History Museum: Digitally transforming a 150-year-old museum

Sedef Gavaz

After Sedef Gavaz, head of digital product at the Natural History Museum, took part in a panel discussion at TechEx Global this week, she shared insight and personal experience of digital transformation.

What would you say are the key aspects of digital transformation?

Data is fundamentally important to all of it because, if you don't have data, you don’t have anything.

Language is also important when trying to bring people with you on a digital...

David Weeks, N-able: A unique time for MSPs

A laptop keyboard.

Could you tell us a little bit about N-able and what it does?

N-able provides IT management solutions that empower managed services providers to deliver outsourced IT services for their end customers, which are primarily small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

MSPs can get monitoring and management, automation, security, and backup software from an ever-changing list of providers to protect and service their customers. But our goal is to grow and evolve alongside...

Danielle Royston, TelcoDR: On buying Ericsson’s MWC stand and the public cloud-telco opportunity

A curious announcement hit the wires from the GSMA on March 12. "GSMA introduces TelcoDR, the public cloud transformation specialist, as one of the largest exhibitors by floor space at MWC Barcelona 2021," it ran.

The upshot? Ericsson had pulled out of this year's jamboree - to be held this year at the end of June - and TelcoDR has taken its place. But who is TelcoDR?

The clue is in the initials. Former Optiva chief executive Danielle Royston, known to associates as...

Enterprise plans for endpoint security in 2021: An interview with Christy Wyatt, Absolute, and Matthew Zielinski, Lenovo

Bottom line: Today’s largely distributed enterprises need to make sure they are putting endpoint security first in 2021– which includes closely managing every stage of the device lifecycle, from deployment to decommission, and ensuring all sensitive data remains protected.

There’s a looming paradox facing nearly every organisation today of how they’ll secure thousands of remote endpoints without having physical access to devices, and without disrupting worker productivity....

Jane Gilson, CEO, CloudSphere: On taking the top job and the huge enterprise multi-cloud opportunity

CloudSphere, a cloud governance provider based primarily in the United States and Ireland, has only been going for six months. Yet the company has a unique approach and a big mission - and believes it has found the right person to lead it.

Jane Gilson, formerly of Google and Microsoft - the latter where she helped lead cloud transformation and build data centre strategy - was appointed at the end of last month. CloudSphere said Gilson's 'extensive international experience…...

How IONOS is looking towards privacy and Europe for a solid share of the cloud market

The hyperscale providers continue to dominate the cloud infrastructure and hosting market. According to industry watcher Synergy Research in May, the combined market share of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft and Google alone was 56%.

Yet one area has the potential to cause concern - and it has pricked the ears of other players looking to capitalise.

In August, CloudTech reported on the ending of the Privacy Shield agreement by the European Court of Justice (ECJ). The...

Kevin Samuelson, CEO, Infor: Why now is the time for industrial businesses to jump into the cloud

2020 has naturally been a year of turbulence and disruption for virtually every industry. But for cloud service providers, the Covid-19 pandemic has enabled some light amid the darkness.

As companies deployed - or hastily created - their remote working initiatives, Zoom's usage, and value, soared, creating a major spike in the wider conferencing SaaS market on its own. The same was true for infrastructure companies underpinning the software.

Yet not all industries can...

Humio: On the challenges of traditional data logging, a changing landscape, and container security

As cloud migrations become more widespread and complex, IT security has never been more difficult. 

Enterprise workloads today are rapidly changing to a hybrid mix of on-premise, private cloud and public cloud - not to mention the increasing interest in containers. Getting a handle on it all requires deep visibility, from both the data and device side.

One relatively traditional way of doing this is through log management. The promise, of real-time auditing and...

Q&A, Simon Cuthbert, Tenfold: On the problem of over-privilege and IAM best practices

To misquote Benjamin Franklin, in this world nothing can be certain except death, taxes, and security being the biggest concern for cloud migration. Flexera's most recent State of the Cloud report last month laid it bare; more than four in five (81%) enterprises said security was the main challenge, ahead of managing spend and governance.

The latter two areas are, naturally, also linked to security. But as cloud workloads become increasingly complex, and as multi-cloud moves from...

Q&A, Alex Giordmaina, Giotech: How to get remote working right amid Covid-19

The lockdown enforced in many countries due to the coronavirus crisis has led to businesses - some of whom in an impromptu fashion - implementing remote working and working from home policies.

As this publication has previously explored, this has resulted in a test of organisations' infrastructure. While there have been issues raised - particularly in terms of the consequences in enabling employees to do work wherever, whenever - analysts and execs have noted how a more positive...