Amazon shuts down cloud infrastructure linked to NSO Group

CCTV Surveillance Camera

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has shut down infrastructure and accounts connected to Israeli surveillance vendor NSO Group.

The decision follows an investigation held by a consortium of media organisations into the firm’s ‘Pegasus’ spyware.

The investigation found that NSO’s military-grade spyware was involved in at least 37 successful hacks of smartphones belonging to journalists, government officials, and human rights activists around the world.

NSO Group...

How to reduce cloud costs by 90% with AWS spot instances

Teams often choose to reserve capacity instead of taking advantage of spot instances. But reserved capacity is a path to vendor lock-in and paying more in the long term.

It doesn’t make sense to cut yourself off from the opportunity to save up to 90% off the on-demand price just because AWS can pull the plug on your instance with a two-minute notice.

You can use spot instances effectively even for production workloads. 

Keep on reading this guide to get...

Five key best practices for AWS cost optimisation – analysed

Keeping cloud costs in check is a struggle. Companies either lose control of their budgets and spend even 23% more than planned or end up overprovisioning their workloads. 

Optimising cloud costs is about striking a healthy balance between price and performance. You want your applications to have enough resources, but at the same time avoid cloud waste. 

Here are five tips to get you started on your AWS cost optimisation journey.

#1: Allocate costs for...

Jane Gilson, CEO, CloudSphere: On taking the top job and the huge enterprise multi-cloud opportunity

CloudSphere, a cloud governance provider based primarily in the United States and Ireland, has only been going for six months. Yet the company has a unique approach and a big mission - and believes it has found the right person to lead it.

Jane Gilson, formerly of Google and Microsoft - the latter where she helped lead cloud transformation and build data centre strategy - was appointed at the end of last month. CloudSphere said Gilson's 'extensive international experience…...

Five tips for observability success amid cloud complexity

In 2020, the concept of observability in IT operations gained mindshare as IT leaders looked for new ways to rein in the complexity that’s grown organically with cloud computing and rapid digitisation.

Observability differs from IT monitoring in that it focuses on the development of the application and rich instrumentation so that operators can ask meaningful questions about how the software works or is working in production. The ability to ask new questions allows IT to gain...

Looking to adopt hybrid cloud? Don’t overlook governance

The adoption of hybrid IT environments is a standard aspect of digital transformation. During this process, many organisations encounter difficulties arising from managing access and identities across multiple applications, clouds, networks and servers. Delivering a good digital business experience to all your stakeholders – customers, employees and business partners – while managing risk requires the use of modern identity and access governance solutions. With these types of solutions,...

Five ways to better IT spending through the cloud for a post-pandemic era

For many businesses, the impact of Covid-19 has brought the benefits and limitations of their IT landscape into focus. As companies look ahead to a post-pandemic era, many will need to consider how to meet different needs and priorities with potentially limited resources. The challenge is that many are overly reliant on legacy infrastructure, with these systems accounting for 74% of a company’s IT spend. 

Making important changes such as migrating on-premises workloads to the...

IT operations management tools consolidation: The five key battles you need to win

If your organisation has more than 20 tools for IT operations management and DevOps, you’re not alone. According to one source, nearly 40% of IT teams are using more than 10 monitoring tools. There comes a time when you simply must clean house. This is a painful chore, akin to cleaning out the garage or basement after a few years of neglect. It requires deep analysis, an in-depth understanding of business requirements and political finesse.

Avoiding this exercise, however, is...

How to manage the risk of cloud sprawl with centralised management

The public cloud is designed to enable agility, scalability, and adaptivity. The result is a massive proliferation of public cloud services and APIs offered by cloud platform providers, which help organisations increase the rate of innovation far beyond they could in the private data centre.

While these new cloud services deliver attractive benefits, they also increase management complexity and the potential for costly misconfiguration errors that can compromise critical...

Cutting the cost of running SQL Server in the cloud: A guide

Who knew that there would be so many different ways that cloud service providers could charge for services? You were expecting to pay for compute and storage resources, sure. And it’s not really surprising that if you’re configuring your SQL Server infrastructure for high availability (HA) in the cloud you’re going to pay more for backup VMs and storage in remote sites. But added costs for Enterprise editions of software whose services you don’t otherwise really want or need? Added...