launches Cloud-based semantic search and analytics platform

Recruitment giant, has announced the launch of ‘SeeMore’ its latest innovation to help aid businesses in the search for their dream employee.

Touted as the world’s first Cloud-based semantic search and analytics platform for managing companies’ own resume databases, the service, which is integrated with Monster’s custom designed business analytics, will be placed on a Cloud network enabling organisations to sift through their entire cache of resumes via a shared server and apply semantics based business analytics to sniff out specific details that might not otherwise show up on a traditional search. This aims to allow companies to search on specific words and phrases within resumes.

Benefits of the new service are two-fold: not only will organsiations be able to better tailor searches as all the potential candidates are heaped into one place, but job seekers themselves will be able to streamline their own applications for positions meaning that they might be offered interviews for jobs they perhaps didn’t apply for or even see but are nonetheless qualified to do.

Commenting on the launch, Sal Iannuzzi, CEO of Monster Worldwide said: “We are transforming recruitment and talent management. Employers can now assess their company’s talent databases in one central location so everyone can be found easily, regardless of their point of origin. This, paired with the benefits of semantic search and analytics, enables companies to be more precise about their talent matching needs, reduce the time and cost of acquiring and managing talent, and improve the quality of hires.” In addition, will be including several of its other jobsites into the semantics search.

And with high levels of unemployment and skills shortages still plaguing employers when it comes to filling positions, it appears that SeeMore may well be filling a much needed gap in the recritment market.

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