iCloud pricing model announced

Apple has announced the pricing structure for its latest innovation, iCloud which allows customers to share music, books and photos between multiple computers and mobile devices, including an iPhone and desktop computer.

Customers are to be given an initial five gigabytes of free space and those needing more will be able to purchase additional storage in annual chunks. For example, 10GB of additional space will cost £14 ($20) a year, 20GB will cost £28 ($40) and 50GB will cost £70 ($100).

However, most customers will not need the additional space as applications, books and music will not fall within the 5GB allowance of free storage though iMail, documents, photos and account settings will. According to Apple, a user could expect to store more than 1000 photos at no cost.

Plans for iCloud were first mentioned in June during a soft launch but while the Beta service aimed at Apple developers so they can begin creating third party applications using the iCloud application programming interface (API)  launched yesterday along with iCloud.com, the full service is expected to start charging this autumn.

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