Dell jumps onto the cloud bandwagon with VMware

Dell is the latest organisation to take the plunge into the cloud after announcing its new data-storage rental service, due to be rolled out later this year.

After months of rumours circulating about when Dell would be cloud-bound, the announcement came during the VMworld virtualization and cloud conference in Las Vegas this week where Dell said that it was finally taking the plunge.

The new product, unsurprisingly named, Dell Cloud, will be available outside of the US next year and uses VMware’s ESXi 5.0 hypervisor, the vSphere 5.0 management tools for it, the vCloud Director cloud fabric, and the vCloud Connector extensions which enable both private and public cloud to be managed from a single point in order to move jobs between the two clouds.

The move is part of Dell’s corporate advancement into more profitable areas and will also mean that it becomes a serious competitor with the other host of cloud-computing rivals including Amazon.

“Cloud computing brings a new level of economic advantages to data centers,” Steve Schuckenbrock, president of Dell’s services unit, said of the new service. Customers will be charged for dedicated levels of monthly computing power or on an hourly pay-as-you-go format, he said.

In addition to Dell Cloud, the company already offers a private cloud service and has said it will be spending around $1billion this year to build data centres in order to offer better and more secure cloud services.

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