Lack of service transparency hurting Cloud adoption, says survey

Lack of service transparency hurting Cloud adoption, says survey
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The adoption of Cloud systems among contact centre businesses is being hampered by a perception that vendors are simply not playing straight with them, rather than concerns over security, a new study has found.

Global contact centre specialist NewVoiceMedia found that firms are getting cold feet about transferring their operations to the Cloud because they fear that service providers are not being open with them.

Despite recognised Cloud benefits like lower costs and improved contact centre customer service, the survey found that 42% of CIOs and customer service managers said that a lack of service visibility and low confidence in suppliers was causing them to question whether a switch to the Cloud was right for their business.

A third of respondents also sighted a loss of control over vital systems as a key cause for concern. The research, carried out by LM Research, surveyed 250 CIOs and 500 customer service directors from UK organisations of 100+ employees.

Jonathan Gale, CEO of NewVoiceMedia, which has just launched a new ‘trust’ site aimed at providing greater transparency about their service levels, was scathing about the state of the contact centre supply industry: ” Cloud vendors, particularly in the contact centre space, don’t appear to focus on, or even understand, the importance of the customer experience in building a compelling proposition,” he said.

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