Cloud computing named in top 10 strategic technologies

Cloud computing named in top 10 strategic technologies
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Analysts have found that cloud computing will make significant impact on industries during the next three years.

At the Gartner Symposium last week, delegates heard that enterprises will deliver a broader range of cloud services over the next two years.

Users will notice an increase in enterprise-level cloud services. Providers, including Oracle, IBM and SAP, have major initiatives to expand services and Microsoft will continue to build on its offering.

Hybrid cloud computing will also be a major focus next year, along with new certification programs, including fedRAMP and CAMM, which will be ready for trial, enabling more security for the cloud.

Private cloud service providers will aim to have the speed and efficiencies that are offered by public clouds. It’s said that, although the cloud is disruptive, it has the potential for broad impact long-term.

“Organizations should start exploratory projects to look at promised candidate technology and kick off a search for combinations of information sources, including social sites and unstructured data that may be mined for insights,” said Carl Claunch, vice president and analyst at Gartner.

Gartner found 10 strategic technologies in total for next year, which also included media tablets, contextual and social user experience and in-memory computing. The list comprises existing or emerging technology that has the potential for significant market impact in the next five years.

Vice president and Gartner fellow, David Cearley, said: “These top 10 technologies will be strategic for most organizations, and IT leaders should use this list in their strategic planning process by reviewing the technologies and how they fit into their expected needs.”

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