Public cloud remains unappealing, warns report

Companies are increasingly migrating to the private cloud but are less enamoured with the prospect of public cloud services, a report has revealed.

A survey of IT managers by IT solutions company, Precise has found that businesses seems to be switching onto the benefits of virtual computing with 37 percent saying they will migrate 61 percent or more of their applications to a private cloud environment in the future. But while cloud technology remains the next Big Thing in IT, only six percent of companies are planning on moving lock, stock and barrel onto the public cloud, suggesting that concerns over security remain the number one fear for businesses wanting to commit to the cloud.

According to the report, large organisations are migrating their back and front offices to the private cloud and this year alone, 39 percent of organisations moved email and collaboration systems to the virtual infrastructure, 33 percent moved IT management services, sales and marketing accounted for 22 percent, 21 percent moved finance/HR/ERP and 13 percent opted to move security into the cloud.

However, security isn’t the only worry for firms: 37 percent of IT managers were concerned that finding problems once things are cloud-bound will be excessively time consuming.

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