HP announces tentative private cloud service

HP has finally announced its long awaited cloud services offering with the launch of Cloud Compute and will be in direct competition with Amazon, Microsoft and Rackspace.

The new beta IaaS offering will provide storage for private, public and hybrid cloud platforms and a limited number of clients will be able to use the beta. It will allow users to deploy compute instances on-demand as well as customising them to handle clients’ unique workloads and offering scalability options.

HP Cloud Object Storage has been designed for archiving and backing up data, serving static content for web applications, and storing large public or private data sets, such as online files and media.

HP are keeping mum about the service charges as well as a date for the launch of its full-scale commercial offerings.

Currently, Amazon Web Services is the big fish in the IaaS sector and critics are already questioning what HP can bring to the mix, considering the company is a relative newcomer to the market having only joined Open Stack last month. According to Ian Brooks, European head of innovation and sustainable computing for HP, it’s HP’s heritage as an IT provider that should help pull it all off:

“HP is a recognised provider of IT, delivering the most complete portfolio of services for the entire range of application workloads. It is our belief that through close collaboration with the developer community and capitalising on the strength of HP’s portfolio, we can deliver seamless and secure experiences for customers,” he said.

While this is the first launch of the company’s cloud offering, Brooks added there will be more to come over the next few months.

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