Dome9 launches new cloud firewall service

A new product aimed at creating a firewall for public and private clouds has launched.

Dome9, a Tel Aviv based software company which founded last year, is just one of several cloud security companies to crowd an increasingly busy market sector. Its new offering is software as a service as well as an API that allows customers to let legitimate users access the ports for cloud-based servers. When deployed as an agent, the software works on any number of public and private clouds, such as Amazon, GoGrid and others however, the API, works only with Amazon’s EC2 service.

Dome9 routes requests for access through its own infrastructure which allows the service to operate within a range of infrastructure providers.

In addition, Dome9 offers support for Linux machines as well as Windows OS and gives administrators auditing capabilities and allow user visibility . The service costs £15 ($20) per server for the company’s own service or a personal account can be added for free and adminstration can be operated from a secure website.

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