Interoute launches new VDC in Hong Kong, expands global footprint

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Cloud services provider Interoute has announced the launch of a new virtual data centre (VDC) in Hong Kong, joining other vendors in setting up shop in the lucrative Asian region.

The company also announced that its customers can move data and apps across the entire services platform, across VDC zones, for no cost.

Lee Myall, the general manager of Interoute’s enterprise app store CloudStore, told CloudTech that while European expansion was still key, this was big news for Interoute on a global scale.

“It’s the beginning of us being able to make a global statement about our cloud computing platform”, Myall said, adding the company has a ‘unique’ proposition in Europe.

“There’s a good level of inter-European data sovereignty, but increasingly we have customers that have reach to PAC RIM and North America, and what this means is we can serve them better going forward,” he added.

“It means they can put their compute closer to their users, and therefore provide a better service.”

Hong Kong has been a hotbed for cloud growth, with Amazon Web Services and Rackspace among the vendors who have previously expanded there. For Interoute, the advantages are evident.

“It’s a trading hub, it’s got an advantageous position in terms of China and the rest of the PAC RIM, and also really you have a high connection of telecommunications in Hong Kong as a hub,” Myall said, adding: “Singapore has something similar, [but] hasn’t proved as compelling for us yet, but you do have a big aggregation of telecommunications infrastructure there.”

Myall, as the GM of CloudStore, sees that arm of the business as key to grabbing hold of smaller companies.

“What’s fascinating is we’re reaching down to a far smaller audience,” he explained. “The CloudStore has allowed us to touch very small organisations that are keen to consume better IT services on a ‘help themselves’ basis, so it’s been great.

“We have customers we never meet who clearly seem to be happy with our service.”

Despite the movement into Hong Kong with the VDC, however, Europe remains a key priority for the months and years ahead.

“In the next 12 months we’re continuing to consolidate our European position because Europe, being the sort of market it is, geography wise it’s a similar footprint to North America – however what you have of course, is different sets of laws with data protection, so infact continuing to expand zones in Europe is definitely on the cards.

“What I actually believe, ultimately, is because as this computing platform grows and that side of the business grows, I would suggest that infact the network would end up following the computing platform.

“I think we’re heading to a period now, and certainly going into next year, where computing is going to be the dictator of the expansion of the network, and the footprint of this company.”

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