Meet Zenedge, the firm which protects the entire enterprise ecosystem in the cloud

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Zenedge has announced the general availability of its latest Zenshield DOME platform with a simple goal: to protect your enterprise from what it perceives to be its weakest link.

That weakest link is a firm’s partner and supplier ecosystem, which Zenedge insists is a more likely target for hackers trying to infiltrate an enterprise in the cloud.

The product is a security platform as a service (SPaaS), and can be extended to a retailer’s partner and supplier network so organisations can oversee the entire ecosystem.

Zenedge explains how important third party security is becoming, after recent ecosystem weaknesses temporarily downed Target, Snapchat and Walmart among others.

“CISOs and hackers are discovering that the quickest path to breaking into a company’s classified data comes through remote, often inconspicuous, interconnected third parties,” said Zenedge co-founder and CTO Leon Kuperman. “It’s a reminder that networks are only as strong as their least protected link, and that all vendors need to be assessed, vetted and protected against cybersecurity risks.”

The system is self-updating, with Zenshield DOME identifying vendor access points and automatically closing ports that can expose your data. It also uses heuristic algorithms – in other words, finding a quick fix if an exact solution isn’t available – studies vendor traffic and adapts the network according to behavioural patterns.

“The IT industry has been aware of problems caused by external vendor vulnerabilities for some time,” said Rick Simpson, founder of Snow Commerce. “Seeing red flags pop up around the perimeter is one thing – being able to centrally, cooperatively act to avoid attacks against a large organisational target has so far proved more difficult.”

Zenedge has got plenty of backing from the industry, with the company pocketing $3.5m (£2.3m) in a series A funding round last month. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, there’s plenty of work for the Los Angeles firm to get stuck into for the time being.

Find out more about Zenedge here.

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