CA Technologies acquires Automic in €600m deal

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US tech giant CA Technologies has announced its intent to acquire business automation software provider Automic in a reported €600 million (£505m) deal.

The move is to enhance CA’s European reach, as well as adding automation and orchestration capabilities across its portfolio.

“With the acquisition of Automic, we will deliver automation, scale work flows and business processes while reducing costs and greatly improving accuracy,” said Ayman Sayed, CA Technologies president and chief product officer in a statement. “This level of intelligent automation will give our customers the insights to achieve more agility and realise business value.”

The acquisition plays into various strategic initiatives, with all the buzzwords you’d expect to find bundled in; DevOps, Internet of Things, hybrid, and so on. In other words, though, this means that organisations can automate their legacy SAP and Oracle business processes, as well as other workloads, from finance to job requests, to make organisations more proactive and productive long-term.

Writing for this publication in October, Chris Boorman, Automic CMO, discussed the importance of providing a multi-tenant offering for automation services, which helps enterprises serve multiple departments and clients on a single, shared platform. “In cloud computing, the meaning of multi-tenancy architecture has broadened because of new service models that take advantage of virtualisation and remote access,” Boorman wrote.

“This multi-tenant release automation model helps large enterprises – saddled with slow-moving, legacy infrastructures – to bridge the gap between development teams launching mobile and web-based services almost non-stop, and the operations team who are more concerned with maintaining reliability and continuity.

“A multi-tenant release automation product enables organisations like these to be agile in the back end, and be compliant and scalable in the front office,” Boorman added.

The acquisition is expected to close in Q417 for CA, with financial services firm Foros acting as advisor to the transaction.

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