Why commodity management companies are shifting towards the cloud

Why commodity management companies are shifting towards the cloud
Rajeev is responsible for defining and implementing Eka’s long term technology strategy. He has extensive experience managing large and globally diversified technology teams, along with deep domain knowledge in core supply chain management. Prior to joining Eka, Rajeev was the Vice President of Research and Development at Electronics for Imaging (EFI), where he led the company’s product development and innovation center. Prior to that, he had roles in supply chain planning and optimization at i2 technologies, Symphony Services, and SAP Labs. At SAP Labs, Rajeev headed the NetWeaver development group. Rajeev started his career in software at Tata Consultancy Services in the CAD/CAM group. Rajeev holds a Bachelor's degree in engineering from the National Institute of Technology (NIT) in Bhopal, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Software Enterprise Management from the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore (IIMB).

Much like the earth’s climate has been undergoing a gradual shift, so has the climate for cloud-based business applications and systems. The use of cloud-based applications for personal purposes including email, picture-sharing, and listening to music has become ubiquitous.

As a result, people have become accustomed to accessing what they want, when they want, from wherever they want. Their tolerance for traditional desktop software has diminished. Each day, more businesses are embracing the cloud as they see how it can significantly reduce costs and virtually eliminate the need for the ongoing, time-consuming maintenance that’s required to keep traditional software running smoothly.

Commodity management companies’ slow adoption of cloud solutions

Many large companies have been slow to adopt cloud-based solutions because they hesitate to store a key asset – their data – offsite. Security concerns are the number one reason why they hesitate. The idea of having essential information out of company control creates discomfort. While security concerns make sense intuitively, the reality is that cloud providers have better security mechanisms than most companies. These companies invest time, money, and technology to plan for ways to avoid and counter attacks, much the way a bank invests more in security because management knows it could be a target. And companies do maintain control of their own data, which can be hosted on private servers and accessed at any time and from any device.

Commodity management companies have also invested a lot of time and money in their on-premise solutions, making a shift to cloud challenging. Having invested months, sometimes even years, implementing a solution makes users reluctant to admit the systems failed or subject themselves to another long, complicated implementation. They do not understand that cloud implementations are significantly shorter than on-premise implementations. Eka’s cloud-based CTRM software, for example, can be implemented in under two months.

The changing tide

Many commodity management companies are starting to adopt cloud-based CTRM systems due to technical innovations in cloud technology, increased pressure to reduce costs, and a growing need for more auditable, functionally-rich solutions to meet regulatory requirements.

As stated above, cloud-based applications can be deployed in less than half the time of an on-premise implementation, and they do not require capital expenditures because there is no hardware component. Users can easily scale cloud-based solutions by drawing on more of the vendor’s host servers. If they experience a decrease in demand, they simply scale back by using less capacity.

Cloud-based software updates are automatic and do not require end user input. The servers are offsite and updates are installed by the software company. Maintenance is also managed by the software provider.

Despite initial fears about data security, cloud-based platforms are more secure, with layered security and audit logs to guard against inappropriate access. Lost or stolen laptops can be wiped remotely to ensure data stays secure. Data is more accessible because it is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any device, anytime and anywhere.

Why choose a cloud-based CTRM solution?

Choosing a cloud-based CTRM solution enables commodity management companies to decrease costs and lower risk while reducing reliance on often over-worked IT departments. 

  • Companies don’t have to install hardware or software to use the software. Cloud-based solutions require no additional capital investment. As a result, implementations are faster and significantly less expensive.
  • Upgrades and new functionality can be quickly and seamlessly implemented without relying on user IT resources. The vendor implements all changes on their servers, without any interference to users and their IT departments.  
  • All implementation and technical risks are assumed by the vendor, because all hardware and software is hosted on the vendor’s servers.
  • Capacity can be quickly and easily adjusted to meet changing business requirements. Users do not need to invest in new servers to expand, they simply ask the vendor for additional capacity when needed. This is less expensive, and much faster, than purchasing new servers.  
  • Cloud-based solutions have web-based, open API platforms that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. Users gain huge advantages by having access to data and reports wherever and whenever they want.  

Moving to cloud-based solutions provides tremendous advantages to companies, including increased security, lower hardware and software costs, decreased burden on IT resources, and the ability to access data anytime, anywhere, and from any device. While fear of losing control of data is a strong motivation to rely on on-premise solutions, the reality of lower costs and increased flexibility is shifting the tide and cloud-based software will soon outstrip on-premise solutions. At Eka Software, for example, 75 percent of new customers choose Eka’s cloud-based CTRM and analytics solutions to enjoy faster implementations and lower costs. 

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