The next steps for the EU and US post-Privacy Shield: How can Europe win the digital race?

Jan Oetjen is responsible for the Mail and Portal business of the United Internet AG including the international brands GMX and Before joining United Internet in 2008 he was Managing Director at the Travelocity Group heading the operations of the online travel service in Germany and France. Since 2018 he has also been a member of the Board of Trustees of the European netID Foundation, an independent body of the internet industry that provides and further develops the open netID login standard.

Opinion It has been seven years since Edward Snowden exposed the level of surveillance by US intelligence agencies that one might have rather expected from totalitarian countries. Petabytes of private or company data – no matter from which country – are made available to US authorities by default without suspect or a court decision.

While little is known publicly about current practice, it would certainly be more than surprising if the powers and capabilities of the US...

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