AWS, Azure or Google? Six steps to decide the best cloud for SAP implementations

Eamonn O’Neill is the co-founder of Lemongrass and EVP for the Americas region. With over 27 years’ experience in the SAP arena, O’Neill brings a strong mix of technical and business leadership to the team. After founding Lemongrass in 2008, O’Neill pioneered the SAP on AWS line of business, which quickly became the only service Lemongrass offered.

Analysis I have worked on SAP engagement for enterprise customers for almost 30 years. While SAP continued to develop application features and content during these years, generally the hosting of SAP fell into the same classic selection process as any application: what is the service level, what is the cost, who has the happiest customers?

However, with the advent of public cloud (IaaS), those tried and tested criteria no longer give customers an accurate evaluation of each...

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