Unlocking the value of data in the cloud in challenging times

An image of a cloud on a circuit board.

In today’s post-pandemic operations, leaders are under increasing pressure to make decisions at speed and scale — and collaborate in real-time to adapt to change. A recent report revealed a whopping 89% of UK business leaders said without leveraging the cloud, running their businesses in the pandemic would have been impossible.

Despite this trend, many companies are still struggling to leverage their data in the cloud, limiting their progress to reach their full potential....

Cloud and the new ‘Generation 3’ of business intelligence

An image depicting artificial intelligence.

In the ever-changing economic landscape, business intelligence is an integral part of an organisation's ‘scalable success’. When employees make critical decisions for a company, it must be backed by real-time data to reduce missteps and increase the probability of future success.

To clearly define business outcomes, organisations are increasingly looking at integrating business intelligence (BI) and data analytics in their workflows. In the recent IDC data strategy survey, 52%...