How to increase supply chain visibility with next-generation technology

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The efficiency of a company’s supply chain is one of the most critical aspects in determining its ability to generate revenue, manage costs, and continuously meet customer expectations.

According to one study, 79% of firms with high-performing supply chains achieve significantly faster revenue growth than their industry averages. However, many companies still struggle with supply chain operations simply because they require a large amount of monitoring and visibility to operate...

Democratising financial projections for the age of SaaS

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More than 650,000 companies in the United States use Excel to create financial projections. While Excel is surely a versatile tool, it forces manual processes onto finance departments and essentially hinders collaboration.

Companies were locked into Excel in the past because cloud-based budget management and financial reporting software were only targeted at enterprises. These days, however, advanced SaaS solutions that automate financial processes are available for companies of...