How IT spending has changed during Covid-19: Three insights from recent surveys

The Covid-19 pandemic has to date killed more than 700,000 people while unleashing the deepest economic recession since the Second World War. The World Bank forecasts the global economy will register a negative growth of 5.2% in 2020, disrupting the livelihoods of millions of global citizens.

The pandemic has also brought profound changes for information technology (IT) teams. Long viewed as the back office, IT departments have had to play a crucial role in helping their...

What can 80 M&As tell us about the state of IT operations management software?

IT operations management (ITOM) software helps enterprises manage the health, availability, and performance of modern IT environments. Analyst firm Gartner expects the ITOM software market to grow to $37 billion in annual revenues by 2023, with legacy on-prem tools giving way to powerful SaaS solutions for hybrid performance monitoring and management.

August this year saw five significant ITOM tool...

IT operations in 2020: Five things to prepare for – from AIOps to multi-cloud and more

The threat of digital disruption has forced senior executives and technology leaders to rethink business models, data assets, and distribution channels, to create more innovative products and services that will delight customers and overcome more nimbler competitors. Over the last decade, enterprises have completely transformed the way they build, deploy, manage, and maintain mission-critical services as a response to increasing digitisation.

A guide for database as a service providers: How to stand your ground against AWS – or any other cloud

Last August, Redis Labs introduced a Commons Clause license for its popular in-memory database to prevent cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) from “taking advantage of the open source community for years by selling (for hundreds of millions of dollars) cloud services based on open source code they didn’t develop.”

NoSQL database...

The end of an era: Why it’s time to ditch the big four in ITOM – and what it means for IT leaders

In July 2018, Broadcom announced its plan to acquire CA Technologies for almost $19 billion. While analysts have furiously debated the merits of a chip manufacturer buying an enterprise software company, the CA acquisition heralds a momentous shift in the $25 billion IT operations management (ITOM) software market.

For more than two decades, four technology vendors – BMC, CA, IBM and HP –...