2021 predictions from Capgemini: The rise of cloud economics

Research by Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) shows that the cloud has delivered results for over 90% of organisations during the past year, when tackling the challenges that COVID presented.

CIF also points out that over the past few months, digital transformation across a majority of enterprises sped up by 69% – with 91% of decision-makers stating that cloud formed an important part of this transformation, and 40% describing the role of the cloud as crucial.


Capgemini: How to become a digital enterprise through cloud-native applications

Most of today’s organisations have adopted the cloud for at least some of their business processes. However, may still rely heavily on legacy IT systems. They use the cloud tactically, plugging holes where needed – rather than looking at the big picture business case, which requires comprehensive organisational transformation. Regardless of where organisations are in their cloud journey, one point is clear: the cloud is no longer a choice, but a necessity.

In the near future,...