On-Demand Panel Webinar: Demystifying the Cloud For Your Transformation Journey


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As digital transformation shifts have been accelerated by the effects of COVID-19, the world fully woke up to the importance of the cloud as a technology game changer. Cloud computing has become an essential component of any innovative organisational strategy and an increasing number of forward-thinking industry leaders are using this technology to run their organisations more...

On-Demand Webinar: How a Global Pandemic Accelerated Cloud Adoption Across Every Industry, With Couchbase


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Retailers have become ecommerce first; banks are now mobile first. Doctors are conducting appointments via video link, even events are taking place virtually. Now, as we approach a post-pandemic economy, most organisations are accelerating their digital transformation to implement new business models that provide touchless services with zero physical contact. At the same time, many of these...

Whitepaper: An introduction to Salesforce testing

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Despite efforts to standardize deployments, with thousands of possible integrations, and business logic to support, no two companies will implement Salesforce the same way.

Add to this the nudge to upgrade from the original Salesforce Classic to the snazzy modern UI of Salesforce Lightning, you’re adding another layer of complexity when...

On-Demand Lacework Webinar: Moving From Devsecops To Secdevops: Reducing Risk, Streamlining Processes And Driving Productivity

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In 2020 we saw IT budgets plummet , however it is predicted that 2021 is going to be a bumper year for IT investment, with Gartner predicting that spending will hit $3.9 trillion this year, a 6.2% increase on 2020.

For many organisations, the cloud makes big promises to enable teams to move at speed, scale and agility. The reality is that operational challenges take over,...

Whitepaper: Global Insights Into How to Prepare the Data Center for a Remotely Working World

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Chatsworth Products (CPI) experts weigh in on recommended ICT infrastructure solutions for today's interconnected world.

Although advanced technologies are taking a more prominent role in our day-to-day life, the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry faced unprecedented challenges in 2020: how to immediately transition...

Whitepaper: How 5G Will Impact Physical Networks and What You Should Do To Protect Equipment

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Fifth generation (5G) digital cellular networks have arrived. Carriers are beginning to deploy the first phases of 5G to provideenhanced download speeds, and a strong buildout is expected going forward.

5G will initially bring slightly faster speeds than 4G LTE but will eventually bring up to 20 times the speeds of current 4G for...

ZenKey: A network-based identity solution

Data breaches, identity theft and large-scale fraud are becoming more common. Users need to manage multiple passwords to access digital services securely. The digital economy requires radically new identity management solutions that eliminate passwords and provide seamless user-centric security and privacy controls with high level of assurances.

This whitepaper outlines how ZenKey, a joint venture founded by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, provides a multi-factor authentication...

Prepare for peak trading: Mitigate risks and make the most of the opportunities

Most businesses consider more web traffic to be a good thing. It’s a measure of success. Of visibility. It means they’re being found on search engines, that their marketing campaigns are working.

It is, then, easy to become so focused on the goal that you become blind to the risk. Too much traffic can also be a problem, and website outages can be highly costly in terms of both revenue and reputation. If a website slows down noticeably or fails altogether, what started as a...

ZenKey: Cellular network enhances security

By some accounts, the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation by a factor of 3x in 2020 alone. In 2021, the ability to adapt to the predominance of the digital realm will make or break businesses across industry verticals. Fraudsters watch and wait while consumers struggle to manage hundreds of accounts integral to their daily lives.

This whitepaper from ZenKey explores digital identity. ZenKey believes cellular networks, plus 24/7 dependence on the ubiquitous mobile...

The key principles and strategies for securing the enterprise cloud

Customers are turning to the cloud to reduce capital expenses and increase agility as part of their digital innovation (DI) initiatives. Despite the benefits, cloud migration results in business-critical data and services being scattered across clouds and data centres. This leads to an expanded attack surface and a corresponding increase in security risk.

Some organisations are unknowingly stumbling into a new security paradigm - the shared responsibility model, a model that is...