ZenKey: Cellular network enhances security

By some accounts, the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation by a factor of 3x in 2020 alone. In 2021, the ability to adapt to the predominance of the digital realm will make or break businesses across industry verticals. Fraudsters watch and wait while consumers struggle to manage hundreds of accounts integral to their daily lives.

This whitepaper from ZenKey explores digital identity. ZenKey believes cellular networks, plus 24/7 dependence on the ubiquitous mobile...

The key principles and strategies for securing the enterprise cloud

Customers are turning to the cloud to reduce capital expenses and increase agility as part of their digital innovation (DI) initiatives. Despite the benefits, cloud migration results in business-critical data and services being scattered across clouds and data centres. This leads to an expanded attack surface and a corresponding increase in security risk.

Some organisations are unknowingly stumbling into a new security paradigm - the shared responsibility model, a model that is...

Securing the cloud with Fortinet: Five key areas where architects must augment cloud-native security tools

Corporate DevOps teams are leading the way to the cloud, but many are overlooking the full security implications of the move. If they simply accept the security offerings of their cloud platform, they are likely to leave gaps that attackers can exploit to steal data or infiltrate other areas of the corporate network.

There are at least five security areas that security architects need to ensure they have covered when building and managing security in the cloud. This whitepaper...

How to achieve a 3x ROI with Slack

In its report, “The Total Economic Impact of Slack,” Forrester found that technical teams that use Slack see a 3x return on investment overall, as well as more specific benefits on the front lines.

For example, 87% of organisations saw improved developer productivity within their team, and 88% reported an increase in their company’s ability to adapt to change.

Faster decision-making, better employee experience, and more efficient business processes are just a few...

Choosing a collaboration platform: Eight questions every IT leader should ask

For companies trying to increase agility, better collaboration has become an urgent priority - a way to reduce the organisational drag that kills innovation and responsiveness.

This guide from Slack is about helping you choose a collaboration hub that helps streamline, automate and accelerate the common activities we all do every day. Tasks like sharing information, swarming around an issue, building consensus, progressing workflows, communicating, updating, alerting, reporting,...

Forrester: The Total Economic Impact™ of Slack for technical teams

Slack commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) companies may realise by deploying Slack Plus or Slack Grid.

The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Slack on their...

IDC Market Spotlight: Unlocking collaboration: Making software work better together

While digital transformation plans were underway, the events of 2020 forced IT to execute years of rollouts in days or weeks - and then tweak the systems for performance. The ability to collaborate from anywhere, not just internally but also externally, with customers and partners, became a core business continuity requirement.

This whitepaper from IDC, sponsored by Box, Okta, Slack and Zoom, notes how companies are turning in growing numbers to cloud-based, highly integrated,...

Analysing ZenKey: How secure is it?

Data breaches, identity theft and large-scale fraud are becoming more common. Users manage multiple passwords to access online services securely. The digital economy requires radically new identity management solutions that eliminate passwords and provide seamless, user-centric security and privacy controls.

ZenKey is a joint-venture founded by AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, that provides a highly secure network-based identity solution. This whitepaper outlines how ZenKey...

AWS Marketplace Webinar: Accelerate intelligence and streamline ingestion with a cloud data lake on AWS.

You're invited! Join Amazon Web Services and DevOps Institute to learn how to maintain your competitive advantage by modernizing your data platform.

WHEN: APRIL 14 | 1100 PT (1400 ET)

In this virtual session, learn how to get the full benefits of cloud data lakes without compromising the productivity of your DevOps team. Join Amazon Web Services and DevOps Institute as they outline a roadmap for modernizing your data platform - from ingestion to transformation and...

AWS Marketplace webinar: Gaining observability across your DevSecOps landscape within AWS

You're invited! Join AWS Marketplace and DevOps Institute to discover how to strengthen your security posture across observability.

WHEN? MARCH 17 / 1100 PT / 1400 ET

As modern development teams take on more of the full lifecycle of microservices, the traditional strategy for observability is being outpaced by the evolving complexity of distributed systems.

Join this webinar to learn how to shift to an integrated approach - combining logs, metrics, and traces...