Exclusive Video | Red Hat Success Story: Putting Digital Transformation Into Practice With Open Technology, Process, And Culture

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Enough talking about what digital transformation (DX) is, and focus on putting DX to work for your organization so that you can achieve innovation at scale and gain competitive advantage. Join Dan Precourt and Brian Tomlinson from Red Hat to hear how they have helped their customers put the substance behind the buzzwords into practice in order to achieve tangible business outcomes through innovation and transparency.


Dan Precourt, Senior Transformation Principal, Red Hat

Dan Precourt is a Senior Transformation Principal with Red Hat responsible for providing education and strategy on how to drive and accelerate better business outcomes with open organization and technology practices.

Brian Tomlinson, Senior Transformation Architect, Red Hat

Brian Tomlinson is a Senior Transformation Architect with Red Hat responsible for assisting customers in unlocking their value potential by crafting solutions which account for and improve People, Process, Practice, and Platform implementations.

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This video is brought to you by Cloud Tech News in partnership with Digital Transformation Week; a free virtual event exploring DTX strategies for making your digital efforts a success. Head over to the website to explore the next free editions taking place virtually and in-person throughout 2021-22. View website here.

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