On-Demand Webinar: How to Layer Your Email Security in Microsoft 365 For Maximum Protection


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Risks to your email security have never been greater. New and sophisticated phishing attacks are constantly incoming, while employees remain heavily reliant on email communication to support hybrid working, increasing the chance of data loss.

With Microsoft’s native security technology deployed, you now need to examine the next layer to your email security defense.

Watch this webinar featuring Jamie Davies, Senior Product Sales Director at Egress, and Rob Hornbuckle

Chief Information Security Officer at Allegiant as they cover:

  • The top email security risks you face
  • How email security incidents impact organizations globally
  • Why a layered approach is crucial to threat mitigation in Microsoft 365
  • The role of intelligent email security to eliminate human-activated risks, including phishing, accidental data loss, and exfiltration

Session speakers include:

  • Moderator: Ryan Dawes – Editor – TechForge
  • Rob Hornbuckle – CISO – Allegiant
  • Jamie Davies – Senior Product Sales Director – Egress

To watch this session on-demand, please complete the form to the right

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